You. Are. Amazing!

You Have Value.
You Have Purpose.
You Are Needed.


In a season where we’ve been disconnected from each other and where we divide ourselves further and further every day, anger and bitterness seem to reign in all our words, thoughts and interactions.

It does not have to be that way; we can live differently!


We simply want to remind you that your life is amazing.


Now, encourage someone else! Let’s spread encouragement far and wide this September.

Send someone a text, email, postcard or whatever to remind them that their life is amazing.


Social Media

Send someone a message to let them know they are amazing on your favorite platform.

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Text or email someone a message!

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Want to send someone a handwritten note? Just fill out the form below including your address in the comments. We will send a package of 5 postcards to your address. Your information is only used to mail these postcards and will not be retained for any other purpose.

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You Are Amazing is an initiative of Legacy United Methodist Church in Bismarck, ND. Our desire is to help people understand that they have value, a purpose and are needed. Please join us in helping people understand that their life is amazing.


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